From beginner to ambitious agegrouper

A wonderful book for the triathlete. From beginner to ambitious amateur. Written by an enthusiastic and curious athlete who has traveled this journey herself in recent years. His dream came true by completing the Ironman Kona in Hawaii. Everything you encounter as a triathlete on this journey passes by. From the functioning of the human body, nutrition, your season, recovery to the mental game. Everything passes. Based on his experience, knowledge, injuries and mistakes, Bas describes the beautiful sport in a visual way. With his background as a scientist, he has found a unique angle and written a practical handbook for every triathlete. Firmly based on research.

All subjects that you will have to deal with as a beginner or amateur are covered. Subjects Bas has struggled with as a triathlete and sometimes still does. His practical nature and background as a scientist make this a unique book. He has subjected himself to all kinds of tests, experiments and trials to understand how the body responds to training. VO2max, lactate measurements, Wingate, Biodex, Disaster test, blood tests. Everything for science. Even a training camp on Lanzarote in the spring, in the sun, on the beach, in a beautiful sports complex. Everything for science. 😉

The author

Bas Groothedde, husband, father of two, entrepreneur, scientist, teacher, writer. But above all enthusiastic and curious triathlete. Graduated and obtained a PhD from TU Delft and the Executive program MIT Sloan School of Management in Boston. His business in supply chain management and data analytics that he started in 2008 has taken him all over the world. And yet, at the age of 50, Bas decided to change course and pursue two of his dreams. The first long-held dream was to race in Hawaii at the Ironman World Championship, Kona. Bas put everything aside for a year, training hard, to qualify for Kona and do the research needed for this book. Successfully. With his finish at Kona, in the company of his wife and children, this dream came true. It marked the start of another adventure. His desire to devote himself entirely to the sport. He started a new company: Apex Triathlon. With the aim of helping to make the sport accessible. That meant he went back to college. This time kinetics and physiology and he has completed a coaching program in the US. The studies, experiments, literature combined with the experiences and lessons of the past seven years of trial and error form the basis of this handbook.

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